About Dr. Marr

Dr. Beverley Marr recalls when she began practicing good posture. It was at pony club. She was seven. Her often red-faced riding instructor, Mr. Wilkes, would bellow, “Girls! Chin up. Shoulders back!” Eager to improve her riding and avoid being singled out, she practiced those orders until they were firmly embedded into her own confirmation. Family photos show an earnest freckle-faced girl, head aligned on a thin neck, a determination in her eye, a whisper of a smile. Never could she have imagined her love of horses would eventually lead her to the complex study of human movement, balance, and health care.

Dr. Marr graduated from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic in 1995 and began practicing with the idea of bringing natural, pain-free living to the masses. Thinking all orthopedic problems were a result of some type of injury, she was perplexed by the many patients who were in good shape, experienced no trauma, and yet struggled with bouts of moderate to severe painful episodes, sometimes debilitating. She reasoned it could only be owing to muscle imbalance and joint distortion with resulting bone and disc erosion.

In 2008 she developed an at-home exercise program for her equestrian patients who were willing to try anything so as to continue riding. Gratefully their symptoms began to dissolve as they were better able to maintain a more balanced body. The program, The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture, was introduced to all the patients and the results were evident. They came into better alignment, with a more agile and stronger frame.

Her husband Dr. Chris Sova, also a chiropractor, began experiencing stiffness in his back with intermittent pain. The x-rays were clean. He tried all different types of therapy, some helped but nothing completely resolved the issue. Out of necessity, he began thinking about inventing an at-home device to lay on and utilizing only your body weight and gravity would gently bring the spine into proper alignment. Three criteria needed to be satisfied: First, do no harm; Second, it must be effective; Third, simple and easy to use.  In 2012 Dr Sova found the answer. He invented it and she developed PurePosture.

With a firm belief posture is THE MOST UNDERVALUED HEALTH CONDITION TODAY, Dr. Marr began a journey to show people ways to intervene in what she believes to be an epidemic of poor posture. She writes and speaks about good posture and proves a healthy spine allows for a healthy life.

She rides only occasionally now, replacing one passion for another, ballroom dancing. A perfect fit for one who has spent a lifetime studying movement, balance, and injury avoidance. She believes everyone can improve their posture regardless of age or activity level and she has evidence to prove it.