Back Stretches Before Getting Out Of Bed

morning stretches, alignment, posture, Dr Beverley Marr

These 3 easy and quick stretches are great for back pain or stiffness. If you have back pain or your back is stiff in the morning, it’s important to wake up the muscles and get the bones moving before asking them to support your full body weight.  A great routine for those who have arthritis, …

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A Simple Posture Test

posture test, alignment, Dr Beverley Marr

Not sure if your posture good? Try this simple test. These 3 Simple Tests Should Be Easy (but not for everyone). Step One – Check if you are too forward Stand against the wall with your head, upper back, pelvis, and heels all touching the wall. Make sure your chin is parallel to the floor. …

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3 FAST Steps to Improve Your Posture Today

spinal alignment, posture, Dr Chris Sova

VERY SIMPLE, CONSISTENT PRACTICE CAN CHANGE YOUR POSTURE STARTING TODAY! Having great posture is more than just pulling your shoulder back. It is a combination of four elements: alignment; flexibility; core strength; and practice. If you want to see how to align your spine, increase your flexibility and put some muscle on, check this out. The beauty …

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