A Simple Posture Test

posture test, alignment, Dr Beverley Marr

Not sure if your posture good? Try this simple test.

These 3 Simple Tests Should Be Easy (but not for everyone).

Step One – Check if you are too forward

Stand against the wall with your head, upper back, pelvis, and heels all touching the wall. Make sure your chin is parallel to the floor. Pretty easy, right? If you find it difficult to comfortably keep your head against the wall, chances are your spine is rounded forward.

test your posture, alignment, spine, Dr Beverley Marr

Step Two – The lumbar curve

Maintaining the same position as above, try sliding your hand between your low back and the wall. Remember to keep your chin parallel to the floor.

check your posture, alignment, test, Dr Beverley Marr

posture test, alignment, Dr Beverley Marr



If only the fingers, but not the whole hand goes in, then probably your back is too flat.

If your entire arm slides under your back you may have an excessive lumbar curve. In this case, your chin is probably elevated (the top back of your head is leaning against the wall).

In this position, remove your hand and try to flatten your low back against the wall without moving your head, upper back, or pelvis. This isn’t as easy.

Step Three – Spinal flexibility

In the same position as above, move your feet about 12″ in front and about hip width apart. Try and lift both arms above your head and press them against the wall.  See if you can straighten your arms while not elevating your chin. Not so easy.

posture test, spinal alignment, Dr Beverley Marr

You know your back could use more flexibility if your chin lifts up, you can’t straighten your arms or your pelvis comes off the wall. It could look like this:

posture test, alignment, flexibility, Dr Beverley Marr


To maintain good posture we need these three elements:

Alignment, Flexibility, and Strength

Good posture feels good. Without these three elements, you are risking injuring your back, shoulders, hips, and neck. The first thing you must correct is your alignment, it is crazy to build muscle on a crooked frame! Flexibility and strength can be worked on at the same time. Stretch and Strengthen. Professional athletes know this, and now so do you!

There is a difference between muscle pain and joint pain. Muscle pain can be traced back to something you did the previous day, and in a day or two, it goes away. Joint pain comes on with no provocation and can last for days or weeks or forever.

Here is a link to a quick and easy stretch and strengthen program to help you start the process of getting your spine (and body) in good working order.

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Dr Beverley Marr, posture expert, chiropractor, co-founder of PurePosture. She believes poor posture is a root cause of many health issues prevalent today. To read about Dr Marr click here. To learn more about PurePosture click here.